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The perfect BLT sandwich will always and forever hit the spot.

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“BLT” stands for “bacon, lettuce, tomato” and is a classic sandwich where these three ingredients star.

I look forward to making BLTs every summer, when tomatoes flood farm stands and I can ogle over their splendid array of colors, patterns, and shapes.

A BLT can be a thing of beauty, but (as is often the case with the simplest recipes), they can also be distinctly underwhelming.

If up until now, your BLT experience has consisted of sandwiches that are any of the following: dry, bland, mushy, mealy, or slippery with mayo—you’ve been missing out on one of summer’s most precious jewels.

5 Star Review

“Erin, oh my gawd, this is like the best BLT sandwich EVER!!!”

— Alice —

the ultimate blt sandwich with fresh tomato

The Best BLT Sandwich

In preparation for tomato season (and desire for easy, almost no-cook dinners) to come, I took a look at this iconic sammie and developed what I consider my consummate BLT.

  • It’s plump and juicy. We’re talking drips-down-your-chin, the way all legit sandwiches should.
  • It works with less-than-peak tomatoes. Dressing the tomatoes with a simple vinaigrette makes their flavor shine, even if they are less than perfect.
  • Ditch the mayo. In favor of mayo, I prefer Greek yogurt. It’s just as creamy and the subtle tang is nice with the bacon and tomato.
  • Add avocado. While optional, giving a BLT a California spin by adding avocado takes it to the next level!

Who Invented the BLT?

I love this bit of history. Supposedly, the BLT was invented by John Montague, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich. He was a notorious gambler who was looking for a meal he could eat with one hand while throwing dice with the other. Sandwiches meant he didn’t need utensils or get up from the gambling table.

the ultimate blt sandwich

How to Make The Perfect BLT

A great BLT is a pleasure you’ll look forward to every summer. A mediocre BLT is, well, mediocre.

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo are the ingredients you typically put on a BLT. However, they are certainly not the only—or even the best—options.

Here’s how to make the best-ever BLT!

The Ingredients

  • Bread. While the “B” in BLT stands for bacon, I feel like we’d be better off calling it the “BBLT,” because the bread is just as important. Choose something sturdy enough to hold up to the juicy tomatoes. Slice it thickly so that once toasted, the outsides are crisp while the insides remain tender.

Ingredient Tip!

  • My favorite bread for BLTs is sourdough or whole grain sourdough. It’s don’t-mess-with-it perfection.
  • Rye and whole wheat are two other popular options that provide additional flavor.
  • For a BLT wrap, fold the same toppings inside a whole wheat or spinach tortilla.
  • Bacon. Thick cut, crispy, and a sandwich signature. I recommend purchasing good quality bacon directly from the butcher case. This sandwich has very few ingredients, so each one is important.
  • Lettuce. Choose something light, crisp, and tender. While iceberg is classic, I recommend butter lettuce or romaine, which have a little more flavor and are less watery.
  • Tomato. What makes a BLT a prize of summer. Make sure your tomatoes are as ripe as possible.

The Best Tomatoes for BLTs

Peak, in-season tomatoes are best, because they are the sweetest and juiciest, though you can make a good BLT with any decently ripe tomato. Use a beefsteak tomato or heirloom tomato, and slice it thick.

In a pinch you can make a BLT with Roma tomatoes, but their texture isn’t as ideal for sandwiches as a hearty beefsteak tomato.

bacon lettuce tomato blt sandwich
  • Greek Yogurt. I’m going to say it: WAY BETTER THAN MAYO for BLTs! The Greek yogurt adds the slightest tang and is creamy, not oily. It’s also a more healthy option than mayo.
  • Red Wine Vinegar. This is not a BLT classic ingredient, but ever since making my BLT this way (a trick I learned from The New York Times), I can’t do without it. Dressing the tomatoes in a little red wine vinegar heightens their sweet taste and makes this BLT recipe soar. It also soaks into the bread a little, which ensures your BLT does not taste dry.
  • Salt and Pepper. Season your BLT (and just about any tomato sandwich!). It makes every ingredient taste better.

The Directions

bacon for blt ingredients
  1. Bake the bacon until crisp.
bread with greek yogurt for blt recipe
  1. Spread Greek yogurt on toasted bread slices.
blt ingredients with fresh tomato
  1. Lightly salt and pepper the tomato slices, and drizzle with red wine vinegar. Add to bread slices along with lettuce.
crispy bacon for best blt sandwich
  1. Add crispy bacon slices on top.
blt ingredients with avocado
  1. Add avocado slices on top. Enjoy!

Take Your BLT to the Next Level

Yes, yes a classic BLT is lovely, but sometimes you want a fancy BLT.

Here are my favorite ingredients to add to a BLT to create the ultimate BLT sandwich of your dreams:

  • Avocado. I add one almost every time. The creaminess against the crispness of the bacon is a pleasure.
  • Cheese. For another yummy twist, make your BLT with cheese (I like to toast it on the skillet so the cheese melts). Go all-American with cheddar or for an Italian spin, try provolone or fontina.
  • Fried Egg. You haven’t lived until you make at least one BLT with egg that runs down your chin. It also makes for a mean breakfast sandwich.
  • Jam. For a sweet/salty spin, spread your BLT sandwich with fig jam or raspberry jam.

Storage Tips

Sandwiches, especially juicy, messy ones like BLTs, are best enjoyed immediately after being made. Cooked bacon can last in the refrigerator for a few days, so if you have some leftover, you can store it, then recrisp it on the stove or in the oven for a fresh sandwich.

best blt with greek yogurt and bacon

What To Serve With BLTs

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