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Chocolate Crunch Bites will satisfy your sweet tooth without needing to turn on the oven. Perfection no matter what time of the year it is!


Okay I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for chocolate. Which is why I’m the Chocolate Fanatic Contributor over at Food Fanatic. Makes perfect sense right.

You can zip over to see my post about these Chocolate Crunch Bites. They are dreamy. And creamy. And chocolatey. All my favourite things in one small package.

You can find a bunch of my chocolate recipes over on their site. Or peruse my own chocolate recipes category if you so desire.

I crave chocolate all year round. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. I’m a die-hard chocolate fan so no season is off limits for noshing on chocolate.

I made this in the summer. I don’t care if it’s a bajillion degrees out or not. I still want and need my chocolate fix. Pretty much daily.

Since it was hot out I made these using my microwave. You can totally make them using a double boiler if you like. Whatever works for you.

They are so super easy to make. You can shape them any way you like. You can press them into a rimmed pan and cut them into squares. Or use a muffin tin as I did.

No matter how you make them I can guarantee they won’t last long. These vanished so fast in my house. I’m not pointing any fingers or anything but if I did they’d be pointing right at me.

I don’t even feel bad. Not. One. Little. Bit. Nor should you. Whip up a batch this minute.


Being a Chocolate Fanatic takes lots of research. I eat a lot of chocolate to ensure I am always on top of the chocolate game. It’s a hard job. But someone has to do it.

I happen to love chocolate bars and long ago I discovered you can make your own copycat versions if you were just a bit creative. It’s really not as hard as it seems.

The day I made these I was craving a Crunch Bar something awful. I was stuck at home so I improvised, as I often do. I whipped up my own version in minutes.

I know right. It doesn’t seem possible does it? I assure you it is. You can whip this up with minimal ingredients, minimal effort but maximum flavour.

You can even get super creative and add extras to them for more flavour in every bite. You can throw in coconut, granola, dried cherries, or anything else you love.

Make some today. Eat them all today. Then make more tomorrow.


You’re grabbing a pan right now aren’t you? I can’t blame you!


Make sure you keep tuning in for more great recipes. I promise there will be more chocolate coming up soon! Always.

Bookmark or pin these for the holidays. I promise you will thank me telling you that. These are perfect for those cookie platters!

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