Here’s What You Should Know About Healthy Eating Facts

4ad35a436505144e_640_healthy-eatingWhat most consumers don’t realize is that it is most often not the foods themselves that are unhealthy for them, but instead the way the foods are processed. Healthy eating facts abound if only diners would pay attention to the nutritional information provided to them, but if not, there are still some common ways of avoiding those things that blow a diet wide open.

Look for foods that are cooked and prepared locally – these are your first line of defense against preservative-laden, frozen junk food solutions. Get to know the family who runs your local pizza restaurant, and ask them where their ingredients come from. You would be surprised how many shop locally and try to use only organic and healthy ingredients.

Heart Healthy Foods

If a quick meal is in order, try to stick to the simpler, eat on the go selections that are all around you. It’s hard to find a gas station these days that doesn’t have a bowl of fruit for sale on the checkout counter, and an apple or pear is a great way to gain energy without stuffing a bunch of garbage down your throat. Look for milk as your drink of choice to replace sodas, and never ever drink an energy drink again. These do worse damage to your liver and renal system than many years of drinking alcohol.

Healthy Fast Food Options

The first tip of healthy fast food options is to skip the national chains and head for the local ones- there are plenty of sandwich shops, delis, and pizza places across the country that would only add another minute or two to your ordering when going through a drive through. You should also be using this times as a reason to get out and stretch, with some exercise thrown into your routine to help keep your heart healthy as well.

For reliable healthy fast food options, look for menu items that say cooked daily, fresh, or plain local. These will indicate a fresh flavor without preservatives, and will help the local economy to boot. If an item doesn’t have any nutritional information available, and the people who work there can’t help you, pass on it. Chances are the ingredients are hidden because if anyone knows what went into the recipe, it would give each and everyone a heart attack.

Eat wisely, and don’t let your stomach do the talking and decision making. Healthy fast food options exist, and it’s just a matter of self control and knowing what to avoid.

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