Super-Easy Ravioli Lasagna Recipe

ravioli-lasanga-41As Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty quickly.  If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”  Always so true, which makes me especially grateful for little traditions and moments like these where we stop to document another milestone in the lives of kiddos and celebrate the wild and wonderful lives they’re creating.  Of course, armed with shiny new pencils and notebooks and a good dose of hope for the year ahead as well.  🙂

So today I prepared a super-easy dinner recipe that only requires a few minutes of prep and is sure to be a favorite with even the pickiest of eaters coming home after a big day at school.  And all you need are 7 ingredients to make it happen.

Let’s make some ravioli lasagna!


Yep, a few bags of frozen ravioli are the rockstar ingredient in this recipe, and the best news is that you totally don’t even have to cook them!  Just grab all of your ingredients and layer them in the pan, and then let your oven do all of the work for you, baking this casserole up to delicious cheesy perfection.


I chose to make mine more of a “meaty” lasagna, browning up some (hot) Italian sausage and then tossing it with some roasted red peppers for extra flavor.  But you could also sub in ground beef or shredded chicken, or nix the meat entirely and add in some spinach and/or sauteed veggies to make this dish vegetarian.  Totally up to you!


The basic method of making the ravioli lasagna is simple.  Begin with a layer of sauce, add in half of your ravioli, top with the sausage mixture, a little more sauce, and then lots of cheese.  And then repeat, cover, and bake until the cheese is melted and the sauce is bubbly and everything is deliciously warm and ready to go.  Top it with a little fresh basil if you’d like, especially since it’s in season this time of year…


…and then gather your family or friends around the table, and dive in and enjoy all of these classic flavors of lasagna (without all of the classic work)!

I’m pretty sure everyone will give this one an A+.  So simple, so satisfying, and SO GOOD.

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