Your Weekly Meal Plan For October

main-collage2-623x1024-week-12This week we have some amazing recipes for you! You can meal plan to your heart’s content. So many fabulous recipes, so little time. Your week is going to be epically delicious.

Not to be confused with magically delicious. But basically the same thing. So scratch what I just said.

I have to tell you this week has kicked my butt. Not even kidding. It’s been a week of craziness. All I can say is thank goodness I have a good sense of humour!

We decided to upgrade our internet since we watch Netflix around the clock. And I work online. But mostly because we watch Netflix all the live long day. And night.

I moved the appointment date 5 times before they finally came out this week. Honestly I thought the cable company was going to fire me. I hear that have that kind of power.

The cable dude showed up. We chatted food because he was enthralled by the smells wafting through the house. It was recipe development day at the Beaulieu compound that day.

I was making two different kinds of flank steak while he was here. I also happened to making pizza, two kinds of cookie pizzas, Nutella ganache, cheesecake and pop tarts. I know right.

He got to work upgrading our internet and installing a new DVR. About an hour in he could not figure out why the box wasn’t working. He went outside, downstairs, upstairs, back outside.

This went on for about an hour. Lots of “I don’t know what’s going on”. Another hour passes, and he comes upstairs laughing. Apparently hubs thought he would “help”.

Hubs is awesome, but helpful, maybe not so much. He had somehow unhooked the one wire the guy actually needed and it fell behind the duct work in the laundry room.

So helpful right. The poor cable dude. He was super tolerant and friendly though. Considering I caught the last cable guy eating a bowl of my kid’s chips this was improvement.

After all that we finally had internet again. Only it’s slow as molasses. Not sure how this is an “upgrade”. Needless to say I have to call them back for some tweaks.

I’m guessing with my track record that will happen around Spring 2017. In the meantime our new DVR rocks and we can stream Netflix right through it. Mind. Blown.

The remote is clearly a magical unicorn. It makes all these weirdly cute noises and beeps little songs when you do the wrong thing. So I do the wrong thing a lot.

Like constantly.

Another thing I do constantly… meal plan. It’s the magical unicorn for busy families. Anything that makes all our lives easier is a good thing in my book. Not that I read books. Um. Netflix.

So. Much. Better. Than. Books.

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